An Immigrant’s diary

After many days of my self-attained exile, I thought to write something about myself and my life here in the U.S. It really hurt me whenever I see myself away from my beloved motherland. I can not tell how much I miss India and my entire clan there. In this blog, I will write many things which I have experienced in the duration of six years.

Many Americans are not aware of different kinds of visa status categorized by the USCIS for aliens. The visa process is very tedious for many who just come to experience America, but for others, it’s a dream. There are students and professionals who have invested their home, property, and career on this “AMERICAN DREAM.” They really work very hard to achieve the prized possession i.e: citizenship. This write-up covers different phases of a human who is alien in the wonderland.

I come here during Obama administration when H4 EAD was a dream of depended wives of H1. H1, H4, GC, F1, L2, this is how the foreigners are called here as per their visa status. H1 is highly demanded, Green Card is a dream and Citizenship is a goal for large Indian population. Somehow, after many years of hardships women got the right to work in the year 2015. So, I got the right to get respect came after two years of my stay. During these two years, I have traveled from West coast to the East coast and experienced the truth of life. I come in contact with many Indians from North India to South India and the life of ladies differs according to their visa status.

A working Green card holder woman is widely respected and applauded by husband and society. The H1 woman also enjoy the same status, however, anH4 has no place in the IT friends conglomeration. And if you have no engineering degree then life is hell here. One of my friends suggested me to opt for sewing as an option as she thought I have no future here. 😆😆 This is why America is only about earning money and having strong bank balance for many.

Now President Trump is very decisive for H4 EADs because he thinks they are cutting of American jobs, which is far from the reality. There must be many couples who bought homes together when their wives started working. Now President Trump wants to snatch this right from us. Many broken homes and humans got solace after having a valid work authorization to live with dignity.

In my second post, I will write some harsh realities of many aliens in the land of impossibilities. But, “aliens” aka robots have to go back to their respective nations because America first is the only demand of the time.

I will cover many topics right from politics, research, parenting, food, beauty, immigration and saas bahu sazish

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