Take care of a toddler with a baby

Taking care of a 4 year old with 5 months old is very difficult in today’s world when technology becomes the best friend. I have two kids of different age group; one’s toy can be dangerous stuff for the other one. I have to take care of each and every thing, right from their toys, food, talks and playtime.

I am very concerned the way they interact with each other. They are non-separable even in this tender age, so I keep checking their whereabouts in the entire home whether they are playing or the toddler does some secret activities with her sister. So, let’s make a list of important situations and needs of the small siblings.

  • Keep checking their room and playing activities. Sometimes my toddler puts her toe in the baby’s mouth. She plays doctor and chef where she checks her temperature by putting a fake thermometer or feeding her some imaginary food which can be very dangerous.
  • Make the elder kids understand the importance of a baby’s life, the dos and don’ts. In this way, they become aware of the softness and sensitivity of a baby.
  • Make them friends, not foes. The parent should make the elder kid understand how important he/she is for the younger one. How excited and what new things they can do together when they will grow up.
  • Ask your toddler to help you in Room decoration and closet organization of the newborn.
  • Never compare them because both are different in beautiful ways.


These above points are very important when taking care of two kids together. A small lack can lead to a serious mishap.


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